The Pick Up Artist Episode 1: Review

Well, it’s finally back. After having to wait over a year for the long-awaited second season, it’s here. This actually was the show that gave me so much momentum in my decision to better myself, besides Scott Baio and Rock of Love. I still find it weird that these shows made the difference for me, but there was a lot going on in each of these shows that I felt were very important to understand in order to better me.

I have been holding back comments because I was able to see the whole episode about two days before the premiere. For some reason, through my research on the web, I’m able to come across a lot of information that very few people find until it hits the mainstream. But anyway, now that it’s Monday and people have seen it, I’d like to talk about a few things.

It also helps that I have the episode DVR’d and can really do a bunch of critical instant replays that are worth noting.

Having read Mystery’s book, it’s funny to see how they portray his life story of “lovable loser” to “alpha seducer.” I mean, it is true, but Mystery hasn’t changed much. Yeah, he learned a system of how to meet and attract women that revolutionized the game. I mean, come on, if you are interested in meeting and attracting women, then you have heard of Mystery. There’s no avoiding it. But, in the end it’s a system and he’s still the same person at heart, but with peacocking gear and routines for a lifetime. I truly believe it. But it will still be interesting to see if his game can still work in a world where he and his routines are more known.

One thing to note is when you see him take off his gear when he goes into the bar, you realize that it’s just him (I would also note that Matador didn’t take off his gear). I wouldn’t consider it hiding behind an avatar. What he does so well is emphasizing what’s great about him, ignoring what isn’t so great about him, and creating a sense of suspense and mystery (no pun intended) which is what to do if you want to attract a woman initially.

But anyway, I digress. When I saw the scene with all of those ladies hanging out at the pool, my first thought was, “I want that.” Nope, I wasn’t talking about the women. There was so much more going on there. Owning a place like that, being able to invite people over and most importantly, being able to share these things with others. The fact that Mystery gets to help change these guys lives is something special. Yeah, it may be a reality show, but their lives will forever be different. Well, maybe Alex’s will be the same. But teaching others is something that I aspire to do sometime soon.

I’m not sure how Tara is supposed to be a step up from J-Dog. Yeah, J-Dog had no personality but just because Tara is a woman doesn’t make her more marketable. I actually don’t even think she’s as hot as others think. She seems genuine but it doesn’t work well with the alpha nature of Mystery and Matador. In fact, it seems a little awkward and doesn't make her look good at all. Speaking of which, Matador looks like he’s on steroids. But I’ll give him some props for “upgrading” his look with...wait, I take that back - no props. Unfortunately, the only thing I like about him is his “alpha” presence. If there’s anything you could learn from him, it’s his “alpha” nature – his posture, voice, confidence and overall swagger.

So, the guys are pretty much your typical average frustrated chumps. A few are virgins, some haven’t kissed a girl before, some could be gay and others are doomed to the friend zone. There are a few front-runners and some who should have been cut right alongside Alex.

Todd seems like he can do pretty well if he just wasn’t so open to being the emotional outlet - grounds for friend zone. He has the necessary looks and energy to draw women and I’m sure he’s interesting BUT he’s missing that one thing that will make him attractive. I think he’ll find it really soon. But for now, he is the emotional outlet.

Rian is the next Prahdeep. I can already tell he’s going to be an ass to the rest of the group and cause hell. But we’ll see. Even Prahdeep was good enough to understand the game and play well. I don’t think Rian has that ability.

Simeon is just too hyperactive. Too much energy can destroy a set because he comes off as creepy and too try hard. If he tones it down, he’ll be pretty cool. That “boat game” he has will be awesome for him in the future.

Carl looks like he’s going to be a superstar. He reminds me of someone I know. Plus, I have a soft heart for cheaters so I’m definitely pulling for him. Any guy that is great but gets taken advantage of because he’s not in the know, is someone that I pull for automatically. I want them to realize their potential and prove to everyone that looked past them or treated them poorly how big of a mistake they made. But I guess I see a little bit of myself in them too. Plus, that gap in his teeth and the Austin Powers hair are priceless.

Greg is that nerd we all love. He’s cool but just needs to get out of his shell - and a makeover. It’ll take him about 2 episodes before he gets a kiss close.

Bryan is that goof ball that I talked about in one of my previous post. He has potential (and it’s cool that they have a couple Asians on here) but something about him is throwing me off. Once he learns to relax, get comfortable in his skin and enjoy the moment, I think he'll do well.

Kevin looks like he could win this. He seems to be pretty well rounded but is just missing that “thing” that takes him to the top. He is definitely someone I would pay attention to throughout this season.

Alex was DOA. I can’t believe VH1 dared to put this guy on. I don’t blame Mystery for booting him before the season starts. Any more time on him would have been a waste. This will come off as mean but listen. Alex would have required more work than all of them combined. From mannerisms to speech to body to everything – it just wouldn’t have been worth the effort. Maybe for personal or 1-to-1 training, but not for a reality show. Best of luck to Alex.

I think what all of these guys are missing from what I saw are just things to say that are interesting. Routines and such will solve those issues. We’ll see how well they learn next week. But there is a lesson to be learned in this episode:

Creating an Avatar.

Dictionary definition: an incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and look deep within yourself. Close your eyes and find every great (not just good) thing about yourself. Store all of those things in a box that represents your soul. Now once you have all those great things in that box. I want you feel your body implode. Start feeling your body and mind get sucked into this box. Soon, you’ll realize that there’s nothing left but this box and somehow you got sucked in with it. Now imagine this box exploding. Think of all of those great things just exploding out of this box. Such fire, such passion, such flare, such power are all coming out of this box. Think of the clothes that represent that power. Think of the attitude, the mindset, the posture, the walk that represents all of these great things about you. Now open your eyes.

That first image you see of yourself when you first open your eyes in front of that mirror will be your avatar. Go with it!

I won’t repeat myself here. I have an entire series that’s on going about how to improve your look from head to toe. Here is my article about your head and the other about your upper body. The lower body will be coming by the end of the week.

Anyway, the makeovers that the guys did were pretty good. They seemed a little tame compared to the last season and some of the fashion trends seemed out of date. The vests? Don’t make me laugh. There is one guy that I know that can rock a vest like it’s still in fashion and it’s not Matador. But we’ll see how their outfits improve over the course of the season. I’m sure it’ll get better.

Some pretty fun parts:

Kevin’s comment about the swamp ass.

The 40-year-old virgin scene with Matt. It just reminded me how funny that movie was. Not how funny that scene was.

The “cool enough” comment Matador made. There was just something about it that reminded me of a comment I made similar to that drawing the same reaction. A comment like that is killer if you can pull it off well.

I am already excited about next week. I’ll keep doing this every Monday night. Feel free to post your own comments about the show or about my comments here.

The one thing about Mystery that I will always remember is what he always says:

“It’s not just about picking up women. It’s about building a life.”