The Evolution of The Professional Wingman


When I started TPW, I always saw this as a legit company -- not just a one-man show. And while a good company finds ways to evolve over time, a great company finds ways to innovate while doing it.

I’m always looking to create something different, sticking to my missions of proving anyone can develop social skills and virtually ending worldwide awkwardness. I’m confident what we have coming up will be our biggest innovation yet.

The shift will come in three phases.

Phase 1: February 6th (this Wednesday) 

There will be a total website design. Built from the ground up, the idea was to make the site simpler, easier to navigate, and a better experience for fans, readers, and clients. I'm really excited as a lot of work was put into it and can't wait to hear the feedback from everyone. 

Phase 2: February 20, 2013 

That day will be the last day where ANYONE who would like to work with me will be able to (if you’re accepted based on initial consultation). Ever since I started this company, it’s been an amazing learning experience, even surprising myself at times. Nearly four years later, as a much smarter business person, it’s time to make significant changes while creating more opportunities to help singles get better results in their dating life.

Does this mean I’m no longer coaching? Of course not -- in fact, I’ll be even MORE hands-on with the clients I work with. But we are shifting in a new direction that will make sure this company stays around for years to come.

Phase 3: March 4th

We’ll be launching a new service that will be fun and effective for clients looking for simple tips and strategies for improving their nights out on the town. Months of research and planning has been put into this and with any new shift in a company, it’s nervous and exciting at the same time. It reminds me of when I originally started TPW. Friends and family basically deemed me insane. This, in some ways, is no different.

Although it wasn’t easy, It was a good thing I ignored the noise and trusted my gut.

To be direct, if you ever wanted to work with me directly, this could be your last chance. This is not a ploy to generate new clients -- my liver and I are really looking forward to less nights in the bars and lounges. More details will be shared over the days leading up to our big announcement. But for now, we’ll bring you back to your regularly scheduled awesomeness.