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We help singles develop better social skills to improve their dating lives through real-time coaching in social environments.


About The Professional Wingman®

From our original status as dating coaches and bringing a fresh perspective to our high-profile clients over the last 5 years, The Professional Wingman has secured its highly-acclaimed reputation as the premier social strategy consultancy for professional singles looking to get more out of their lives.

Through our exceptional service, we captured the attention of both national and international media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, International Business Times, Maxim, and CNN. We’ve even appeared in Italian newspapers and Australian morning shows.

Though we’ve received much public praise, The Professional Wingman is not for everyone. We’ve always prided ourselves in exclusivity, providing unique lifestyle experiences and developing social skills that are beyond the dreams of those truly willing to strive for a better life. From your very first approach to finally saying, “I do,” our team of elite social strategists offers the best expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

So, understand we’re not here just to get people laid; that is simply not what we’re about. The Professional Wingman is not a pick-up company or a bunch of people who go out and party all night. Instead, we provide the highest level of bespoke coaching, through innovative dating and lifestyle strategies to single professionals who are interested in achieving a higher quality of life under their terms.

The Professional Wingman isn’t just a company -- it’s a lifestyle.


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