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The Wingman / The Angel



Effective. Confidential. Fun. It's dating nirvana.

Whether at a bar, Trader Joe’s, or walking down the street during the day, we will teach you how to meet and connect with quality, compatible men.

Your Wingman or Angel will go out with you, show you on what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and give you real-time feedback and personalized strategies along the way. Once they know what’s truly preventing you from dating success, they’ll coach you through each sticking point and help you attract men right away. This is our proven way to help women find the confidence to find the relationship they're looking for. In each session, you'll learn things like:

 √ How to get more guys to approach and start conversations with you 
 √ What to do to get men to choose you without changing who you are
 √ Flirting to get men sexually attracted to you
 √ The best way to get guys to ask for your number and date you 

Your Wingman or Angel will encourage and motivate you to make amazing connections with men and answer questions you have along the way. If you are having trouble approaching men, they'll talk to them for you, make introductions and help guide you in conversation until you feel confident to do it on your own. Included in each session:

Complimentary Beverage.

The first round of drinks is on us so you can focus more on meeting people -- and not on getting the bartender's attention.

Recap & Next Day Follow Up.

After the session, we'll debrief and then follow up the next day with a recap to make sure you’re on track for improvement.

If you'd like to work with us, please click the button below to apply for coaching and if accepted, we'll start you off with a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session with Thomas.

I look forward to introducing Thomas to my wife and saying 'This is the guy who helped me become the man I am today.'

"There are guys that you respect, and then there are guys that you look to for continued inspiration and encouragement. Thomas has been one of those guys on more than one occasion for me, and I always look forward to coming back and talking to him about that next step in my life. Whether I've needed his advice on doing the right thing in a new relationship or even just getting a boost in confidence to take a much-needed step in my life, Thomas has been there. I look forward to someday introducing him to my wife and saying 'This is the guy who helped me become the man I am today.'" - Tim Stiffler-Dean, Dayton, OH