The Professional Wingman is on the hunt for the country’s best places to meet women. Here, we take a walk through our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Let’s see what this city has got to offer the dating scene. 

With a little over 600,000 people living in Washington, D.C. and millions commuting into it, one thing was very clear:

The people who live in the government hub of the nation are career-orientated, sporting an unemployment rate below 10%, and with the median household income a shade over $56K, they certainly work hard.

However, as an extremely transient city, D.C. offers a variety of options that give city-dwellers a chance to play as hard as they work. Even though many visitors come to check out the many attractions (over 200 museums!), in this city lies an intimate nightlife filled with motivated singles, hoping you’re cool people -- and not another politician-in-training.

After talking to women who reside in the capital, the general consensus is thatmen here are either decently attractive or the complete opposite, being mostly bald and “too metrosexual.” The best thing most guys wore were suits -- and there were a lot of those – in an obvious attempt to overcompensate success for their let’s say … lack of visual appeal.

Simply put, if you look stylish and are well-groomed, you instantly stand out amongst the pack. Whether that’s good or bad will be determined when you open your mouth. Looking at what else D.C. has to offer, Chinatown bolsters the best happy hours in the city, led by RFD Washington and Capitol City Brewing Company for their vast craft brew selection. These place are perfect for pre-gaming if you plan on going to the Verizon Center to watch your team play.

Showing off its historic appeal, Washington D.C. also offers some of the best free museums in the world In our experience, the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History was one of the best places to meet women since they go there solo to check out the dinosaur fossils. Museums also prove to be amongst the best date ideas in Washington, D.C..

On the topic of meeting women during the day, hanging out in DuPont Circle is just what the date doctor ordered. With bookstores, coffee shops, and other novelty stores, there is enough foot traffic for you to spark conversation with the cutie that just ordered her skim latte or is checking out the travel section.

And of course, if you DO happen to care about where the politicians-in-training go, the W Hotel Rooftop bar is full of the city’s movers and shakers. 

With the best view of the White House in the city, this place has everything you need -- lounge space on a terrace, three expansive bars, and a dance floor with a velvet rope barrier blocking you from the VIPs you only hope to brush shoulders with. Be sure to get there before 10p.m. as the line to the rooftop borders near impossible after that hour … and we were there during the winter. In the warmer months, I expect insanity ensues.

The Georgetown area boasts an amazing energy starting with M Street. The long strip of shops makes it easy to walk around and chat up women looking for new outfits to wear later on that night. At night, it becomes one of the places to be with Mr. Smith’s piano bar, Thirds (also known as Third Edition), Paolo’s and, Rhino, the Boston-themed sports bar that became so dear to my heart, not because they like Boston, but because it has two floors packed with people dancing and playing beer pong.

However, if you’re looking for a change of pace, Adams Morgan is decorated with a variety of spots that appeal to the alternative crowd. A highlight was Jack Rose, a classic prohibition-style bar with an extensive liquor selection and a mixology bar on the second floor that looks off toward downtown.

Even though there was still much to explore, we’ve seen enough to know that it’s very possible to meet women at any time in D.C. -- and they don’t want you to try too hard or show off your “assets.” As one woman told us, “Bragging is dumb. No one cares.” But with D.C. ranked as the country’s 8th vainest city, it may be hard to tone that down.

Ratings (based on local surveys of men and women)

WOMEN: 7.6

Criteria is based on male to female ratio, variety & availability.


Criteria is based venue closing times, variety of venues & cost of drinks.


Criteria is based when & where you can approach women.

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