The Professional Wingman Referral Program

We have been so fortunate to help hundreds of men and women regain their confidence and seize control of their dating lives through our services. The best compliment we could ever receive is getting referred to by you. So if you have someone who could benefit from our services, we'd like to give you something cool if they ended up working with us.

How does it work? If you know anyone who would greatly benefit from our line of work, refer them! If we end up working with them, we'll send you a "secret" gift. What are these gifts? Below are examples ranging from a year-long subscription to BirchBox to a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Pretty cool, huh? And it's 100% free. There's no cost to join as you'll be the ones helping us out. We think it's the coolest program out there. 

Why are we doing this? We always have people offering to refer clients to us and we'd like to increase the incentive and thank them for following through. We take a lot of pride in what we do and would like everyone who helps us out be rewarded for their good will.

Ready to go? If so, get started by filling out the form below. Once we have your information, you can start referring people by sending an email introduction (with your registered email and email of your referral) to You can also get support at anytime by emailing that same address.