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The beauty of Thomas’ approach is that it is not just about meeting women or even awesome pickup lines. Rather, his approach is grounded in who you are and want to be. From there he helps you unlock what has always felt like the mystical black box of meeting people and dating. It’s a transformative and holistic approach that’ll impact all facets of your life.
— Andy W., Chicago, IL
I saw him and I liked his hustle. That’s why I invited him into my home.
— Gary Vaynerchuk, New York Times Bestselling Author, Co-founder of Vaynermedia
You have definately helped me alot these past few weeks. I have reconstructed a piece of me that was lost prior to your lessons and advisories.
— G.P., Boston
Thomas is a great asset for any business looking to improve employee performance. Using his strategies for developing social skills and interpreting body language, I can see how well I’m engaging from giving a board room presentation to my employees to having conversations with investors. The skills he teaches are ones that can improve any business or employee on and off the clock.
— Matt Lauzon, Chairman, Gemvara
I’ve been meaning to message you. I had a date friday night, and everything went really well. wanted to extend my thanks for sharing wisdom. Definitely feel like it worked out cause I was more aware of the signs she was giving me and was able to keep my cool.
— Agbi B., Hoboken, NJ
The great part about Wingman’s posts is whether they are targeted toward women or men, you can take away something useful.
— Saira, Boston, MA
He IS a hella good wingman as I’ve seen him in action.
— - C.C. Chapman, Author of Amazing Things Will Happen and Founder of Digital Dads
I realized something profound in what he was doing. Just because he was determined to grow his own confidence and stop obsessing about relationships, he didn’t lose sight of the beauty of love. In fact, his job is now to encourage others to be more secure in the dating scene so they ultimately will encounter someone who is not just what they want, but what they deserve.
— Lindsay Tigar, New York, NY
I want to thank you for all your hard work and attention to my situation. Although it didn’t turn out the way I had planed, I learned a lot and emailing you took pretty much all the pressure and anxiety away. If nothing else, your constant and immediate response to my emails helped keep everything in perspective. I have and still will recommend you to my friends. Thank you.
— Zane, Harrisburg, PA
After meeting Thomas through a class at the BCAE, I signed up for a month of his email advice package. Thomas’s tips have been detailed, easy-to-follow, and extremely helpful. I’d vouch for Thomas’s professionalism, authenticity and insight to anyone who has doubts about working with him.
— Andrew, Boston, MA
I first met Thomas through a class at the BCAE. I was not sure what to expect, but his teaching style was engaging, fun, and very relevant. I decided after the class that I could probably gain a lot from working with him to help improve my social life. I can honestly say that his insight was spot on and really helped me out quite a bit. I would recommend Thomas to anyone!
— Mike, Malden, MA
Thomas provided insight into how my words and behavior were viewed by the men I was dating. He was encouraging yet he kept me grounded, and was a sea of calm when I was frustrated. He doesn’t abandon you once first contact is made, though - Thomas will be your wingman at every stage of your relationship.

And yes, good news to report - we’re moving in together in the fall! :) Thank you again for your help and for the great articles on your website!
— Stephanie, Boston, MA
Thomas, I swear you are the best money I ever spent.
— Geoff, Boston, MA
After a few more months of false starts I finally gave in and realized I needed professional help. I was lucky - Thomas Edwards gave me his card and my life has never been the same.
— Jeff P., Boston, MA
Thomas helped me get back into the dating world with confidence! I had not dated in quite some time and my calendar was very empty. Thomas helped me set goals for success and then helped me put together an informal plan to achieve them. He was positive, enthusiastic, and helpful. He understood body language, clothes, where to go, and what to say. He helped me regain my confidence so I can venture out on my own and be successful. I recommend his services!
— Lori P., Boston, MA
There are guys that you respect, and then there are guys that you look to for continued inspiration and encouragement. Thomas has been one of those guys on more than one occasion for me, and I always look forward to coming back and talking to him about that next step in my life. Whether I’ve needed his advice on doing the right thing in a new relationship or even just getting a boost in confidence to take a much-needed step in my life, Thomas has been there. I look forward to someday introducing him to my wife and saying ‘This is the guy who helped me become the man I am today.’
— Tim Stiffler-Dean, Dayton, OH
Seriously, it’s so worth it...People can go out and piss away hundreds of dollars on girls & keep making the same mistakes. Investing a little money in self-improvement will save a lot of money in the long run.
— Paul, Providence, RI
Thomas is a skilled, very honest professional, who will help anyone (male or female, young and old) in the basics of finding a relationship and making it really work.
— Bob M., Boston, MA
Thomas changed me for the better. I can walk up to anyone without fearing an awkward situation. With women, I used to be a hopeless romantic, always trying to impress her with stuff. Now I know that I’m the catch. My first interaction was a fail since I committed the crime of doing the one two punch of asking ‘how are you doing’ and ‘where you guys from?’ People don’t go out to be interviewed! The temperature went down to 10 degrees so I had to leave the women. Thomas coached me right there and convinced me to use less questions and talk about myself; naturally the partners in conversation will talk about themselves. A few minutes later, he left me alone again and I ended up approaching again, this time comparing my taste in cocktails with two women, which was far more successful.
— Ben, Boston, MA
Most of the dating advice available for men has left me feeling unlike myself. At the end of the day I didn’t feel any more confident or felt my ability to meet a woman had improved. Thomas changed that in just one evening. After a night of having him as my wingman, Thomas showed me ways to approach, meet, and talk to women that felt comfortable, didn’t dynamically change who I was, and gave me the sustained confidence I needed. When I applied the techniques he taught me, I was able to begin conversations with women immediately, at sports bars, on the train, and even on the street. His techniques has even helped me find my current girlfriend with whom I’m completely happy with.
— Leo Newball, New York, NY
Thomas wants you to be “The Mayor” everywhere you go, but this is not about prefabricated lines and openers or an artificial way of presenting yourself but rather about having fun and being genuine at the same time. It was Thomas who gave me the basics on how to keep “it” going, “first introduce yourself and shake their hand.” Just like The Mayor. Secondly, do not stress too much, just keep it going. In my first week of day game I connected with a 6 foot tall beauty who I am still in touch with today. It is no exaggeration to say that Thomas is beyond competent and is in fact inspiring in how he works with people.
— George H., Boston, MA

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