This video comes from an old webshow I used to do years ago that I pulled offline.

The premise was simple.

Do an interview behind the bar with a bartender -- who has seen it all when it comes to dating -- and someone who has a specific skill, related to dating.

We'd start off by making a drink and then get into what we do and what drives us. From there, conversation would lead into dating.

This particular episode is perfect because it will set you in the right direction toward improving your dating life with SPECIFIC actions you can take RIGHT NOW.

You will discover:

  • What is energy & optimism and it'll be the driving force for a successful dating life
  • How to get women to love having talking with you
  • What is the "maximum bloom" and how it will help guide you to attracting women
  • Exactly what women look for in conversation when first meeting them
  • How negativity can be VERY unattractive to women
  • How can you become a more energetic & positive person -- even if you're not right now
  • A simple 30-day exercise that will change your mentality -- and bring you RESULTS
  • Major influences in our lives & how they can also help you
  • The most attractive way to enter the room using ONLY your body
  • A great tactic to avoid negativity from yourself & others
  • How applying the 50/50 rule can save you hours of time when meeting women