Yes, We Work With Women Too.

I'm sure you're looking around the site and wondering, "do they only work with men?" Well, that is how we started out until one day, I was speaking on a Man Panel in front of a crowd of over 50 beautiful, smart, quality women, and was asked to share my insights on dating. 

Much to my surprise, I had a line of women coming up to me after the event, asking if I worked with women. That was over 7 years ago.

Today, a little over 25% of our clients are women from all over the country. The #1 reason women hire us is they need a guy's perspective on what could be preventing them from finding the relationship they're seeking. 

On top of that, they also appreciate the "tough love" they get from us, helping them "get out of their own way" and becoming much more capable of finding that love they know they deserve.

Although the dynamic in which we would work together would be different, our "Wingman" touch is still just as effective. Just see what Stephanie, a former client, had to say about her experience.

“Thomas provided insight into how my words and behavior were viewed by the men I was dating. He was encouraging yet he kept me grounded, and was a sea of calm when I was frustrated. He doesn’t abandon you once first contact is made, though - Thomas will be your wingman at every stage of your relationship.

And yes, good news to report - we’re moving in together in the fall! :) Thank you again for your help and for the great articles on your website!”
— Stephanie, Boston, MA

Have two girlfriends who could also use The Wingman Touch?


Our Wingman Girlfriends Program is specifically designed for you and two of your girlfriends who are looking to improve their dating lives while being able to offer the right amount of support to their friends.

If you're curious about what the experience is like, you can read this full review that was featured in the popular woman's site, Bustle.

If you'd rather get the cliff notes, here are the major features and benefits of the Wingman Girlfriends Program as quoted by Michelle in the article:

  • Through experiential conditioning, he'll show you how to approach people, be approachable, engage in conversations, and be confident — whatever it is you need to work on.
  • The magic number to go out with is three. This way, if one person starts talking to someone, the other two have each other. Plus, they can go off and meet people together.
  • [He] taught us a few tricks to being more open in social situations.
  • His confidence hacks make you feel like you can — and should — talk to anyone.
  • Getting feedback in real time was eyeopening.
  • Sharing our stories, building up confidence together, taking risks — it all felt empowering.
  • Most importantly, it gave us exactly what we needed: A positive outlook and a solid support system.

If you want to see what the experience is like, watch this session I did, which the Washington Post did a three-piece feature highlighting the new program.

Over the years, it's been a joy and privilege to work with some of the most incredible women I know and we'd like to help you too.


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