“Are you ready for a relationship and life with the woman you want?”

Most guys say yes, but 90% of guys never
approach women they're attracted to.

When guys Reach Out and Tell Us what's stopping them, here's what they say —

“I don’t know how to approach a girl I don’t know.”
“I am too scared to make a move.”
“I have gotten little practice in regards to talking to girls”

Do you say these things to yourself?

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I’m Thomas Edwards, Founder of The Professional Wingman, and over the last 10+ years, I’ve been helping thousands of men from all around the world develop social skills to improve their lives and find long-term successful relationships with quality, compatible women. 

Our business has been responsible for over 300 marriages, engagements, and dozens of kids.

What would your life look like if you could confidently approach any woman you desire? What if you could not only get her number, but also dates that could potentially lead to a long-term relationship?


Imagine living a lifestyle conducive to meeting the kind of women you want — to have total control over the fate of your love life. What could that confidence do for other parts of your social and personal life? What would life look like then?

My strategies have been put to the test and proven by various international media outlets including those you see below.


I’ve also been married for nearly 5 years and have a beautiful daughter.

I don’t say this to brag but more to let you know you’re dealing with someone who has delivered results (even for himself) for a very long time.

Right now, I’d like to offer the chance to help you find success in your dating life. Let’s work together to develop the skills and confidence to meet, talk, and connect with real, quality, compatible women.

“My problem is self confidence. I am a great talker to people in general, but when it comes to women I am interested in, I have no idea what to say or even how to approach them.”

With my support, you’ll not only learn how to effectively approach and attract these women whenever you’d like, but also get feedback, giving you quicker results than if you went and did it on your own. 

This way, you'll know exactly how to avoid the most common dating mistakes and make adjustments right away. From your fashion sense and overall approach to your ability to flirt and get numbers that turn into dates, not flakes, we'll cover it all.

You might be wondering how you're going to do this when what you've done hasn't worked so far.

I’ve spent well over 30,000 hours over 10 years watching and interacting with women, including thousands of hours of coaching in different social environments.

Through that experience, I’ve interacted with approximately 100,000 women. If there’s one thing I can tell you it’s when I go out and see what’s going on with guys, something blatantly stands out.

Very few guys are talking to women.

How many times have you gone to the bar or an event, seen a ton of guys, and said to yourself, “man, it’s a sausage fest in here”? But if you look again closely, there's a good amount of women there, but they're not talking to many guys. 

“When I talk to girls, it is hard for me to not get nervous. I often come off as anxious or hesitant.”

This happens in almost every social venue. 90% of the guys will stand, stare, and hope that one day they’ll have the courage and confidence to approach women.

Ultimately, those guys aren’t successful for 3 reasons —

  1. They fear rejection and haven’t overcome that barrier.

  2. They don’t know what to say and how to attract women.

  3. They’re overwhelmed, don’t do anything, and wish the process were simpler.

Meanwhile, the other 10% are actually the ones talking to women, having fun, and attracting all of the women. What makes them different? Well, it’s simple — they have the right strategies, don’t give excuses why they can’t talk to women, and put themselves in the right mindset that will attract them.

Which guy would you like to be?

I’ll be honest with you – this isn’t for everyone. In fact, our best clients share these two initial characteristics. If all of these apply to you, then let’s chat.

1. You must be a single professional man who cares about improving his personal life and are willing to invest significantly in themselves.

This offer is for people who genuinely strive to make each part of their lives better and actively invest in making that happen — meaning you’ve either invested in yourself before or you’re finally ready to. If you do that, and want to have the journey lead to a long-term relationship...let’s talk.

But, if you’re looking to hook up with women, for a cheap and easy fix, or don’t really care about being in a relationship — no offense, but this is not for you.

2. You MUST be an action taker who follows directions. That means you’re coachable, decisive, and resourceful. (Don’t worry — we’ll never ask you to do anything weird.)

If you like to “kick tires,” sign up for things because it’s free, and not intend to follow through, this is NOT for you. Maintaining an extremely high satisfaction and success rate is VERY important to me. Please be someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about getting results.

That’s it — if you meet BOTH of those requirements, we’re good to go!

If you’d like to be the 10%, we have the solution for you.
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I'll show you how I helped my clients meet women...

I'll show you how I helped my clients meet women...

...so you can go out and do it yourself.

...so you can go out and do it yourself.


Read the following clients’ stories and see how
they changed their lives by working with me.

“Thomas is incredible. I met him through a networking event for executives about two years ago. I started working with him a few months later, with a focus on building up my confidence and attitude...
“There are guys that you respect, and then there are guys that you look to for continued inspiration and encouragement. Thomas has been one of those guys on more than one occasion for me...
“Most of the dating advice available for men has left me feeling unlike myself. At the end of the day I didn’t feel any more confident or felt my ability to meet a woman had improved. Thomas changed that in just one evening....

Let's Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet.


Keep things simple, be amazing, and live intentionally.

Thomas Edwards Jr.

Thomas Edwards Jr.