“Are you ready for a relationship with the kind of woman you want?”

Most guys say yes, but 90% of guys never
approach women they're attracted to.

When guys Reach Out and Let Us what's stopping them, here's what they say —

“I don’t know how to approach a girl I don’t know.”
“I am too scared to make a move.”
“I have gotten little practice in regards to talking to girls”

Do you say these things to yourself?

If so, Click the Button to the Right or Keep Reading. 
this could change your life.

I’m Thomas Edwards, Founder of The Professional Wingman, and over the last 8+ years,

I’ve been helping thousands of men from all around the world develop social skills to improve their lives and find long-term successful relationships with quality, compatible women. 

Our business has been responsible for over 150 marriages, engagements, and dozens of kids.

What would your life look like if you could confidently approach any woman you desire? What if you could not only get her number, but also dates that could potentially lead to a long-term relationship?


Imagine living a lifestyle conducive to meeting the kind of women you want — to have total control over the fate of your love life. What could that confidence do for other parts of your social and personal life? What would life look like then?

Our strategies have been put to the test and proven by various international media outlets including those you see below.


I don’t do this to brag but more to let you know you’re dealing with people who have been tried, tested, and delivered results.

Right now, we'd like to offer the chance to help you find success in your dating life. We'll work together to develop the skills and confidence to meet, talk, and connect with real, quality, compatible women.

“My problem is self confidence. I am a great talker to people in general, but when it comes to women I am interested in, I have no idea what to say or even how to approach them.”

You’ll not only learn how to effectively approach and attract these women whenever you’d like, but also get real-time feedback from us, giving you quicker results than if you went and did it on your own. 

This way, you'll know exactly how to avoid the most common dating mistakes and make adjustments right away. From your fashion sense and overall approach to your ability to flirt and get numbers, that turn into dates, not flakes, we'll cover it all.

You might be wondering how you're going to do this when what you've done hasn't worked so far.

We’ve spent well over 30,000 hours over 8 years watching and interacting with women, including thousands of hours of coaching in different social environments.

Through that experience, we’ve interacted with tens of thousands of women. If there’s one thing we can tell you it’s when we go out and see what’s going on with guys, something blatantly stands out.

Very few guys are talking to women.

How many times have you gone to the bar, seen a ton of guys and said to yourself, “man, it’s a sausage fest in here?” But if you look again closely, there's a good amount of women there, but they're not talking to many guys. 

“When I talk to girls, it is hard for me to not get nervous. I often come off as anxious or hesitant.”

This happens in almost every social venue. 90% of the guys will stand, stare, and hope that one day they’ll have the courage and confidence to approach women.

Ultimately, those guys aren’t successful for 3 reasons — they don’t have the right models and mentors to help them, aren’t focused, and haven’t addressed their inner conflicts holding them back.

Meanwhile, the other 10% are actually the ones talking to them, having fun, and attracting all of the women. What makes them different? Well, it’s simple — they have the right strategies, don’t give excuses why they can’t, and put themselves in the right mindset that will attract women.

Which guy would you like to be?

If you’d like to be among the 10% then we have the solution for you.


Introducing...Fearless Dating

This Program Will Make Sure You Meet, Attract, And Date Quality,
Compatible Women For Who You Are, Without Constant Rejection.


This program has one objective: For you be among the 10% who not only successfully approaches, but also attracts women using simple, authentic strategies. Say goodbye to constant rejection and cheesy pickup lines and hello to more dates and relationships with compatible, quality women.

This isn’t some pickup weekend bootcamp (how long do THOSE results really last?) or anything like that. This is a long-term development program that helps you really discover who you are, gain better social skills, and bring out the best of you that will consistently impress and attract women — forever.


This has been our proven process to help thousands of our clients get over sticking points to build confidence and attract women immediately.

I'll show you how I helped my clients meet women...

I'll show you how I helped my clients meet women...

...so you can go out and do it yourself.

...so you can go out and do it yourself.


From there, we'll work together on everything else geared towards creating a lifestyle conducive to meeting women. This process will finally get you into that long-term relationship you've been looking for.

One thing our clients love about this program is because there are limited spots, they get 100% access to our team. They can reach us whenever they want regarding anything that's going on and know that they have our undivided attention.

Recently, we had a client ask to find an awesome date spot for someone he was seeing. Another client wanted to go out, practice his social skills and find a cool spot in his neighborhood.

Another reached out right before his date just so he can get a quick confidence boost going into it.

Honestly, it's a pleasure and a privilege to serve these guys and you'd get to experience this as well when you're our client. 


Read these clients’ stories and see how they changed their lives
by working with us.

“Thomas is incredible. I met him through a networking event for executives about two years ago. I started working with him a few months later, with a focus on building up my confidence and attitude...
“There are guys that you respect, and then there are guys that you look to for continued inspiration and encouragement. Thomas has been one of those guys on more than one occasion for me...
“Most of the dating advice available for men has left me feeling unlike myself. At the end of the day I didn’t feel any more confident or felt my ability to meet a woman had improved. Thomas changed that in just one evening....

What’s Holding You Back?

The #1 comment we get from guys is they think they’re too “awkward, shy, anxious, short, not good looking, or whatever else they think is preventing them, and think this program won't work for them.

We’ve worked with all types of men with different backgrounds and perceived “set-backs,” such as height, anxiety, looks, weight, etc. What helped each of them become successful was their ability to finally make sense of what not only attracts women, but also what keeps those women committed to them. 

And trust me when we say, it’s not things like height or looks that make women attracted to you. There are tons of free material out there on how to meet women. If that was all you needed, you wouldn’t be here reading this. 

You need more — and it starts with you taking more action. And if you're going to work with us, we want to know you’re committed to making that change.

Are you willing to do what it takes to finally get rid of the rejection and no longer have to worry about this ever again?

Fearless Dating is a long-term program custom-designed for each client. Studies these days have shown it now takes upwards of 60 days before habits form. 

When it comes to creating an ideal lifestyle for yourself, you want to be as committed as possible to guarantee yourself the results you want – and results like the ones you want don't happen overnight.


Our program is NOT designed for everyone, and as you can imagine, the investment in this program is NOT small. If you’re looking for a “quick fix,” “magic bullet,” or “something cheap,” please do not apply.

Think about what you’ve invested in over the years — where have they taken you?

Many of you have spent tons of money ($100,000 for a lot of you) on a college education and even with that, it never taught you the skills you need to become the confident man with the social skills to get him in a long-term relationship.

And why would you want it to be cheap? You've always heard the phrase "you get what you pay for." Dating advice works the same way. For those reasons, we don't accept everyone into our program. We're very selective about who we work with and when you chat with us, you'll see why.


This is NOT a “get laid quick” scheme. If that’s your goal, please do NOT apply.

We’re looking to help me who truly understand the importance of becoming a better man in social situations and using the right strategies that bring out the best in them for authentic interactions and relationships with quality women. 

If you believe that finding the love of your life and the kind of lifestyle you've always wanted to live should come cheap and easy, you’re not who we’re looking to serve. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

This program is designed to be life-changing for you and our job isn't only to push you outside of your comfort zone, but to also create the support that ensures you never feel alone in this part of your life ever again. 

Admittedly, most of the clients we work with become friends after our work together. In fact, we've been invited to many of our clients' weddings and met their wives — and even they praise our work with their new husbands.

We'll work to make every interaction better the next time...

We'll work to make every interaction better the next time...

...and we'll celebrate every one of your milestones along the way.

...and we'll celebrate every one of your milestones along the way.


Again, with the amount of development you'll receive, it won't be inexpensive. But when you think about the lifetime value you stand to gain, it can quickly become a no-brainer.

Never again will you have to worry about wanting dates or a relationship ever again. When you develop your new lifestyle and learn the social skills to attract quality, compatible women, you'll be in control. 

You'll get to become the selector, not the one who women reject. It’s rare to find programs as personalized and regimented as this one.

The momentum is just what you need to get you into a long-term, healthy relationship with an attractive, quality woman.

When you look ahead six months, a year – even five years from today, what kind of life do you want to live? Who do you want in your life? We certainly don’t want you coming back to this page one year later with the same issues you have now.

Let's Take Care of This Today

Invest in yourself now and have the rest of your life to reap the benefits of living an amazing lifestyle and having great relationships with the quality women you’ve always desired.

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Thanks for reading this, we really hope this served you — even if it gives you the kick in the butt you need to start turning your life around — and we look forward to chatting with you soon.

Be amazing!

Thomas Edwards Jr.

Thomas Edwards Jr.


P.S. We are only looking for those who are 100% committed to changing their lives because they will make the effort to work on this for the long-term. No excuses.

They'll make it happen. If you're that person, click “I Need More Coaching Today" below and we'll decide together you're a good fit for our long-term program. 

P.P.S. This program has helped thousands from all over the world and almost 50% of them are in committed relationships. over 50 of those are now married and nearly a dozen of them have kids. 

This program is proven and I'd love to help you, so please don't wait. I hope to hear from you soon! And no matter what happens in your life, if you’re ever unsure of what to do, do what I always tell my clients.

“Keep it simple, but significant.”