“The difference between those who are successful at dating and those who aren’t is a matter of preparation. People who are prepared are more likely to take that action. And that’s what wingmen do for their clients — prepare them for the moment when it matters.”

About The Professional Wingman.

For the last 7 years, founder, Thomas Edwards, and his team has helped The Professional Wingman secure its highly-acclaimed reputation as the premier social strategy consultancy for professional single men looking to better their social skills and relationships with quality, compatible women.

The Professional Wingman isn't interested in getting people laid; that is simply not what it's about. It is not a pick-up company or a bunch of people who go out and party all night. Instead, it provides the highest level of bespoke one-on-one coaching and service, through innovative dating and lifestyle strategies for single, professional men interested in living a better life under their terms.

In that process, Thomas and his team has helped thousands of men who are having trouble with dating discover what really attracts great women and overcome their insecurities so they can have great, long-lasting connections with the kinds of women they desire -- and they can help you too.

Though it has received much public praise, The Professional Wingman has always prided itself in exclusivity, providing unique lifestyle experiences and developing authentic social skills that are beyond the dreams of those truly willing to strive for a better life and relationship. From your very first approach to finally saying, “I do,” their team of elite social strategists, led by Thomas, offers the best expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

The Professional Wingman isn’t just a business. It’s a lifestyle.