Back when I was in college, I thought the key to meeting girls was to become a certain type of person. I was doing a lot of reading at the time, and many times, it felt as though I had to be a completely different person in order to get these girls’ attention.

But I really wanted to be with certain types of girls and thought that was the only way.

And then, I did it. I completely transformed myself into the guy every college girl wanted. And I even ended up dating a gorgeous cheerleader my senior year.

Only problem was, I couldn’t maintain such a “lie.” Let’s face it –– I wasn’t really who I was. After just a few months, I reverted back to who I truly was and my girlfriend dumped me over the phone, saying “I wasn’t the same guy she started dating months ago.”

That made me depressed and was very hard to recover.

Contrast that failure with how I approached meeting women after college. It took a while to “figure it out,” based on who I was, but once I did, my dating life changed dramatically.

And of course, it led me to meeting, dating, and eventually marrying, the love of my life, my wife, pictured above.

What was the difference?

Why did the relationship with the cheerleader flop and my current relationship lead to marriage?

Four words…

Lifestyle, Confidence, and Social Skills.

Creating a high-quality lifestyle is the single most underrated thing you can do to improve your dating life. But that’s not enough. Once you create the lifestyle that allows you to meet amazing, compatible women, you need the confidence necessary to attract and then the social skills keep them around.

If you are trying to figure this out, whether you’re just starting or starting again, a quality lifestyle, combined with great social skills is your golden ticket.

But how do you create a lifestyle, build confidence, AND develop better social skills, all the while, staying true to who you are?