What Happens When Women Love Your Advice


While this program is only for men, as many of you know, I also work with women, which is something not many other experts can say they can do.

It's always hard to get women on board with some of the advice men give out there but here's a former client who took my advice and not only used it to get married but is now sharing with her girlfriends, who are now experiencing better dating lives.

Prior to working with The Professional Wingman I struggled with getting asked out on dates and with converting first dates into second dates. I knew that I had “the look” and a good personality but couldn’t figure out why I was having trouble dating. Thomas helped me by being the voice of reason for why men do (or don’t) say or do certain things. He clearly explained what goes through the typical male mind when it comes to dating. While I was working with Thomas I became very successful in getting first dates and being asked on second, third, and fourth dates. I gained the skills to become a master dater which ultimately lead to me finding my husband. I truly believe that without the guide of a dating coach I would still be stuck in the same rut of unhappiness in my love life.
— Amber S.Z., Chicago, IL