What Topics Does Change the Game Cover?


Change the Game covers four main topics:

1.  Who am I, where would I like to be, and what do I need to do to get there?

As I worked on my myself and then later, my clients, I documented each step of the process so I could teach you how to do the same thing.

We’ll start at the beginning and lay the foundation for developing a lifestyle conducive to meeting the quality women you desire.

  • You’ll learn who is the person you’d really like to become (and no, we’re not changing who you are –– as you read, it doesn’t work).

  • You’ll learn new habits that will change how you look at your lifestyle and pursuit of who you desire.

  • You’ll learn the one technique I used to know exactly what I needed to do to become an attractive person.

In the Change the Game program I’m going to cover 12 different strategies for developing a quality lifestyle and better social skills. Each strategy will be meticulously broken down so you can easily follow along and implement it in your life.

2. What kind of lifestyle attracts the type of women I desire and how do I create it for myself?

One of the biggest problems I ran into early on was knowing what kind of lifestyle attracted women. Here, it was easy to get caught up in being someone you’re not, but I was able to figure out things like:

  • What are the major components of a good lifestyle?

  • What should I be spending my time doing?

  • Who should I be spending my time with?

  • Do the people I want to be with play a role in this at all? How?

There are so many things you could pay attention to and it can be completely overwhelming. I spent over a year just trying to figure these things out. What a PAIN! With Change the Game you can avoid all of that.

I’m going to give you an easy-to-follow blueprint to set up your lifestyle in a way that is 100% manageable. No guesswork. No spending months –– or years –– figuring out what’s working and what’s not. You will see my exact setup and what I suggest you use at each stage of your growth.

3. Where to meet these people of desire and how do I approach them?

This is the first $1,000,000 question…

Over my near 7 years of working with clients from all over the world, this is the most frequently asked question. And with all of the resources online that show people how to do it, people still can’t manage to make it happen. With Change the Game, all of that ends.

  • You’ll figure out exactly where to meet people –– and more specifically, when.

  • Once you do see someone to talk to, you’ll learn how to start a conversation as naturally as possible, which will limit rejection.

  • After starting the conversation, you’ll discover how to transition from your “opening statement” to something more substantial –– think of taking conversation below the surface.

One thing that I’d like to brag about is that I’ve been able to get the majority of our thousands of clients to overcome their anxiety and misperceptions when it came to approaching, which immediately boosted their confidence and made more of their interactions successful –– meaning more numbers, and most importantly, dates.

4. Once I start meeting who I want to be with, how do I attract them?

This is the second $1,000,000 question…

“How do I attract them?“

This is where it gets really fun.

  • You will learn the exact strategy I used to attract my wife (and you won’t believe how it started).

  • You will learn the exact point at which you can start initiating conversations.

  • You will finally learn why you’ve been in the “friend’s zone” and specifically how to avoid being in it forever.

  • You will learn how to confidently flirt so both of you know if there’s potential for a date to come out of the interaction.

  • You’ll learn how to prime the people you approach to know what you want so they can let you know if they feel the same, taking away all of the guesswork and “games” we feel we need to play.

The strategies you’ll learn here have helped clients of all types get into relationships and even married. They will show you exactly how to get into a quality relationship through initially building a great lifestyle, then developing your social skills.

One thing that many experts won't share with you is women are having as much of a hard time as guys are when it comes to meeting, attracting, and finding long-term love with men.

This has become such an issue that for the majority of 2015, I was called by many media outlets to help women on how to be better at meeting men, including when I was on the Steve Harvey Show to show on how to be good wingwomen for their single friend.