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“When it comes to selecting the top dating experts in the industry for any of my Single in Stilettos events or online interviews, Thomas is one of the first dating experts I always approach first. Thomas is not only an expert at being a Wingman, he is also one the best speakers in the industry. He’s personable, engaging and gives women the best dating advice. Every time I’ve had him speak at my events, whether it’s online or offline, his sessions always draw a big audience. The women love getting his candid dating advice from a male’s point of view, and they always walk away feeling like they got inside info on how the male mind works!”
— Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker and Founder of Single in Stilettos

Thomas Edwards has served as a dating strategist to professionals around the world. A recognized authority on social skills development and lifestyle strategy, he has been consistently celebrated for his effectiveness in the world of dating and lifestyle strategy. Thomas has directly impacted the lives of tens of thousands from all over the world with his personal coaching, public speaking engagements, and live events.

Thomas' knowledge and unique approach to social skills strategy have been featured in media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, CNN, the New York TimesEbony Magazine, Boston Globe, the Associated Press, E! Online and MTV. He’s also a contributor to Business Insider and Entrepreneur.com.

What began as a college student’s desire to transform the quality of his own life after a terrible breakup has grown into Thomas’ lifelong passion to help change lives of others. Frequently, he is called on by individuals of every walk of life — CEOs, doctors, students, engineers, artists, political leaders, collegiate coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

With an energetic, smooth, and engaging style, Thomas has the ability to inspire any audience to transform their lives with simple, effective, and proven strategies that last a lifetime. With an expert observational sense, he knows how to pull people in, read individuals and groups, and present content in a way that feels easy to grasp. His motto has always been "keep it simple, but significant." Thomas has presented to college students, entrepreneurs, women, industry professionals, and more.

“This guy can definitely help you out...He’s a good wingman.”
— Andrew Schultz, Host of MTV2's Jobs That Don't Suck

Past Speaking Engagements

Here’s a sampling of places and events where Thomas has spoken:

Regis College

University of Pennsylvania – Sigma Alpha Mu, Theta Chapter

Boston University

Emerson College

Northeastern University

Techweek Chicago 

New York Junior League

Shecky's Girls Night Out

Single in Stilettos

Great Love Debate

Techweek Los Angeles

140 Characters Conference

NYC Dating Conference


Boston Center for Adult Education

Keynote – “Flirt” Your Way to More Opportunities and Introductions

Thomas Edwards Jr. is a master social savant, having built a career as the nations leading dating expert and lifestyle strategist with most knowing him best as The Professional Wingman. Although CNN, Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal, and countless others have referred to him as the ultimate wingman, he wasnt always a ladiesman in fact, he had the hardest time with women and his confidence plummeted during his first years in college. After discovering and using the strategies to improve his dating and campus lifestyle when in college, today, Thomas helps students from all over learn how to have the best college experience and use their newly-gained confidence as momentum to push through graduation and positively impact the world.

Lets face it todays millennials are becoming more socially awkward. With technology becoming their primary platform for communication, many of todays students have developed serious difficulties communicating with others face to face. Its no surprise to see students struggle with social anxiety, hiding behind their mobile and computer screens in attempts to feel connectedthrough  likes, tweets, and snapchats. Then they see it affect their ability to meet, connect, and build relationships with their peers and faculty.

What makes Thomas special is he takes the philosophies and strategies he uses to help his clients find long-term relationships, and helps students maximize their college experience, while preparing them for whatever comes next. Thomas will teach the audience his five keys to an awesome lifestyle,

  • Discovering & Giving Your Value
  • Making Bold Moves
  • Hanging with People Better Than You
  • Having Friends of the Opposite Sex as Just Friends
  • Living a Fun & Busy Life

Then the five strategies to put it all together,

  • Having a Better Appearance
  • Approaching Effectively
  • Flirting with the Right Intentions
  • Creating Engaging Conversations
  • Establishing the Next Move in a Relationship


Students will realize that the skills theyre looking to develop in being social or having romantic relationships are the very same skills theyll use to do anything from acing job interviews and negotiating their salary to creating quality life-long friends and being an influential leader among peers.

If youre looking to create better relationships and stronger communication ties between students, faculty, and campus leadership, this is the keynote for you next workshop, retreat, or conference. Its also perfect for new student orientation, fraternity and sorority recruitment, and education training sessions.

Keynote – Build the Ultimate Greek Experience

Building campus-wide influence and maintaining a strong legacy are vital for any Greek organization to survive on campus. With more organizations popping up, theres a lot of competition to recruit the best students. To make things more ambitious, with social media, Greek organizations can be susceptible to bad promotion, leaving students avoiding associating themselves with certain groups.

So how do you build an influential organization on campus and a recruitment system that will carry on the legacy of the letters for generations to come? You have to create the ultimate experience.

Thomas Edwards Jr. knows this well. As an undergrad at Philadelphia University, he wasnt happy with the fraternity options that were available to him on campus so he decided to go off and join a fraternity chapter at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Despite having recolonized on Penn’s campus a year prior and a small founding and recruiting class, Thomas played an important role in taking the fraternity from one nobody knew to one everyone wanting to be a part of. What else would you expect from the man who later became The Professional Wingman and the nations leading dating expert and lifestyle strategist? 

Today, the chapter is one of the strongest and most ambitious fraternities on campus, proven with its consistently large recruiting classes and highest GPA among active members. He was able to help build an organization from the ground up. And he can help yours do the same.

In this keynote, Thomas breaks down all the things he and his fraternity members did together to build an audience, influence, and recruiting class of all-stars that set the pace for years to come. The process creates a powerful keynote that will help Greek leaders take the steps now to build their fraternity or sorority chapters to become one of the elites on campus. Thomas will speak with Greek chapters and organizations and help them,

  • Know who are the rockstarrecruits and how to court them
  • Develop and apply a social system that automatically promotes the organization
  • Build systems to help active members stay academically sound
  • Live a lifestyle that is conducive to recruiting and on-campus influence
  • Create a powerful support network for active members to promote strong brother or sisterhoods
  • Help others through philanthropic programs both on and off campus
  • Deliver the ultimate Greek experience, empowering members to become better students and preparing them for post-graduation

Thomas is an amazingly engaging speaker who inspires audiences of all sizes. His message is authentic, positive, and just the right amount of tough love, making him the perfect choice for a stand-alone event, conference, or retreat.

What Other People Have to Say

“He is a hella good wingman, as I’ve seen him in action.”
— C.C. Chapman, Author of Amazing Things Will Happen and Founder of Digital Dads
“After meeting Thomas through a class at the BCAE, I signed up for a month of his email advice package. Thomas’s tips have been detailed, easy-to-follow, and extremely helpful. I’d vouch for Thomas’s professionalism, authenticity and insight to anyone who has doubts about working with him.”
— Andrew, Boston, MA